The DevDan Foundation was founded in Soral / Geneva in 2013 by Anne and Joe Theccanat – founders of the DevDan foundation. DevDan, stands for “The gift of God”- a very appropriate and meaningful name for the founders who had a lot of luck in their life. The intent is to give back some of this luck to the current generation.

The primary objective is to assist, financially, young disadvantaged children from school age primary and secondary, so they can complete their education in the best possible conditions.

The foundation is officially recognized as being in the public interest and therefore all donations are tax deductible. The foundation is subject to the supervision by the Swiss Foundation Supervisory Authority based in Bern. This is a federal government entity.

All funds received are used initially for our projects in India. Administrative overheads are covered by the founding members.

The mission of DevDan is to provide an opportunity to improve the lives of financially challenged youngsters through education in the best possible conditions.

The Devdan foundation has come to an agreement to financially support a certain number of girls and boys at Little Flower. A MOU to this effect has been documented and signed with Most Rev. Dr. Soosa Pakiam.

  At a later stage, the Devdan foundation may also contribute to finance the learning of a trade or studies for these young scholars through a scholarship that would be assigned.